Winery & Olive Oil Co.

Olive Oils & Vinegars

        hen the end of September rolls around and the grape harvest is over for most winemakers, Mike Calabro is just gearing up for another kind of harvest. Time to turn the bitter olives on the trees into liquid gold. It’s olive harvest time.

We harvest olives by hand in the Fall, Winter and sometimes into early Spring from locally grown trees. Where do all the flavors come from? Once we were confident that our extra virgin olive oils were pleasing to the palate, we progressed to the next step by grinding fresh ingredients with the olives to make a fresh tasting, flavored olive oil. This is what sets our olive oils apart from other olive oils that are simply “infused” with ingredients. Unlike Northern California where there are many olive oil makers, here in Southern California there are only a couple of us that have the equipment to produce our own olive oil, so we take pride in the extra virgin olive oils we produce from trees grown in the Temecula Valley and San Diego County area.


...savor the sensations

Balsamic lovers… we offer complimentary presentations and pairings of our California fresh fruit Balsamics with our extra virgin olive oils daily. More than a dozen to choose from and enjoy. Want to see a current menu of what we offer, all you have to do is ask.